Once night falls, Utrecht turns into a beautifully lighted city. Monuments that were worth the trip during the day are all the more beautiful at night with the magic play of light along the Trajectum Lumen art route. Lanterns shine along the canals and it gets even cosier in the snug cafés. You'll find accommodations in all price classes and you can spend the night in your own way. Try a simple hostel in the city centre or a five- star hotel in a monumental building. Or would you prefer a snug bed-and-breakfast? Plenty to choose from:

Please find below a list of different hotels that are on offer in 3 price ranges.

Low to mid range

Badhu, Willem van Noortplein 19, Utrecht
B&B Gregorius, Nieuwegracht 21, Utrecht
Stone Hostel Utrecht, Biltstraat 31, Utrecht

Mid range

Eye Hotel: Wijde Begijnestraat 1 Utrecht
Ibis Hotel Utrecht: Bizetlaan 1, Utrecht
Hotel Dom: Domstraat 4, Utrecht
Mary K Hotel, Oudegracht 25, Utrecht
NH Centre Utrecht: Jaarbeursplein 24, Utrecht
The Carlton President: Floraweg 25, Utrecht

Mid to high range

Grand Hotel Karel V: Geertebolwerk 1, Utrecht
Mother Goose Hotel: Ganzenmarkt 26, Utrecht


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