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Agberotimi Samson Nigeria -
Allen Hannah United States Increased risk of academic and employment consequences among heavy-drinking university students who engage in poly-substance use
Angus Colin United Kingdom Socioeconomic variation in the relationship between household spending on alcohol and tobacco and overall household expenditure in England
Aresi Giovanni Italy The state of drinking culture research: What can a systematic review tell us?
Assanangkornchai Sawitri Thailand Period effects in drinking initiation of young Thai drinkers
Aston Elizabeth United States Alcohol Demand Assessed Daily: Validity, Variability, and the Influence of Drinking-Related Consequences
Babor Thomas United States Qualitative Evaluation of Four Large-Scale Alcohol Industry Research Projects
Barcenas Loren United States Exploring Mental Health Profiles and Drinking Patterns of Traumatic Brain Injury Patients in Tanzania
Beccaria Franca Italy Drinking style in nightlife districts
Bedendo Andre United Kingdom Evaluation of the components of a web-based personalized normative feedback intervention for alcohol use among college students
Begley Amelie United Kingdom -
Bhattacharya Aveek United Kingdom Are UK alcohol taxes regressive?
Bloomfield Kim Denmark The association between harm from others' drinking and one's own consumption: How does education play a role?
Bosma Linda United States -
Bovens Rob Netherlands IkPas (No Thanks): the effects of 30 or 40 days temporary alcohol abstinence for participants and society
Britton Annie United Kingdom Who should we screen for liver disease? Determining interactions of alcohol consumption and metabolic factors for the development of liver disease: A thirty- year prospective cohort study
Brown Tony Australia Legislative Capture: A critical new consideration in the commercial determinants of public health
Bryant Lucy United Kingdom The socioeconomic distribution of alcohol-related violence and alcohol-related anti-social behaviour in England and Wales
Brzózka Krzysztof Poland -
Buckley Charlotte United Kingdom Social roles and alcohol use behaviours: an analysis of coevolving time trends for the period 1979-2015
Bujalski Michał Poland Corporate Social Responsibility and the political activity of alcohol producers in Poland
Bunova Anna Russian Federation The Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT): a systematic review of all existing Russian language versions
Buykx Penny Australia Evaluation of the impact of Minimum Unit Pricing in Scotland on people who are alcohol dependent: study description and report on baseline data
Bye Elin K. Norway Heavy drinkers and the contexts of drinking in Norway
Callinan Sarah Australia An examination of age differences in the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test using Item Response Theory.
Caluzzi Gabriel Australia How young people abstain or moderate their drinking to produce authenticity, intimacy, control and vicarious pleasure
Carlin Eric United Kingdom -
Case Philippa United Kingdom Exploring the interplay between social support and alcohol consumption across the life course
Casswell Sally New Zealand Public Private Partnerships – implications for alcohol policy development
Choi Minjoo Korea, Republic of -
Cisneros Örnberg Jenny Sweden -
Clare Philip Australia The overall effect of parental supply of alcohol across adolescence on alcohol-related harms in early adulthood
Coleman Rachel United Kingdom A systematic review of the effectiveness of interventions to enhance public support for evidence based public health and climate change policy measures: implications for alcohol policy research
Connor Jennie New Zealand Did the implementation of New Zealand’s new Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act reduce alcohol-related assaults?
Contel Michele Italy Investigating Drinking Profiles among Italian High School Students (14-19 y.o.): a Latent Class Analysis
Copeland Amber United Kingdom The association between meaning in life and harmful drinking is mediated by individual differences in self-control and alcohol value.
Cunningham John Canada The last 10 years: Any changes in attitudes to alcohol, cannabis, and substance use?
Day Maddie Australia Using social media ‘influencers’ to market alcohol: an analysis of regulatory and consumer implication
Denning Bryany Canada Harm Reduction Approaches to Harmful Alcohol Use in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada
de Vocht Frank United Kingdom Natural experiments to evaluate the impact of individual alcohol licensing decisions on health and crime
Dietze Paul Australia Comparing different methods of measuring peak consumption during risky drinking events
Ding Chengyi United Kingdom Effect of alcohol consumption on morbidity and mortality in patients with cardiovascular disease: a meta-analysis
Drabble Laurie United States Marriage Recognition and Other Political Events: Exploration of Structural Stigma and Alcohol Use Among Sexual Minority Women
Duif Mira Netherlands Stress, negative affect, and alcohol consumption in daily life: An ecological momentary assessment study in an adult sample
Dumbili Emeka Nigeria Transgressive Drinking Practices in Contemporary Nigeria: The Role of Colonial Government's Alcohol Policies and Drinking Culture
Egbule Philip Nigeria The Prevalence and Impact of Alcohol Consumption on Academic Performance among Undergraduates of Delta State University, Agbor Campus, South-South, Nigeria.
Ekqvist Eeva Finland Changes in client's well-being (ORS) and state hope (SHS) during inpatient substance abuse treatment
Emslie Carol United Kingdom “You’re trying to calculate something that you can’t calculate”: qualitative study of public understandings of Scotland’s new lower drink drive limit
Eriksen Sidsel Denmark BREWING, BUSINESS and the interpretation of harm.
Ferris Jason Australia The impact of alcohol health warning labels on drinking behaviours: an international survey
Fitzgerald Niamh United Kingdom Why are we failing to identify drinking in pregnancy? A systematic critical review of antenatal alcohol screening.
Flores-Aranda Jorge Canada Collaborative experiences in the development and implementation of the first wet shelter in Montreal (Canada)
Friedman Kaitlyn United States -
Garretsen Henk Netherlands Social and epidemiological research on alcohol: trends in research presented at meetings of the Kettil Bruun Society between 1983 and 2017 About booze, what did we choose in the past decades?
Giesbrecht Norman Canada Alcohol retail privatization in Canadian provinces between 2012-2017. Is decision-making oriented to harm reduction?
Gmel Gerhard Switzerland Effects of partial bans on off-premise sales of alcoholic beverages on hospitalization rates for alcohol intoxication in Switzerland
Gordon Isabel United Kingdom Screening and referral of young people into an alcohol misuse programme in North East England: a qualitative evaluation
govers kim Netherlands -
Graham Kathryn Canada The Relationship between Respondent’s Well-Being and Partner’s Drinking: A Multi-Country Analysis
Greene Claire United States -
Greenfield Thomas K. United States Are countries’ alcohol availability policies associated with alcohol’s harms from strangers or known drinkers?
Greń Jakub Poland Alcohol use – related risk and harm reduction practices among Polish high-risk youth.
Grittner Ulrike Germany Damage of belongings, traffic accidents, physical harm … Which experiences are more or less harmful? - Using Item-Response Theory to scale harms from others' heavy drinking reported in fifteen countries
Günther Kirsi Finland What is the appropriate amount of material stuff? Negotiating the amount of stuff at the substance abuse and mental health home visits.
Gustafsson Nina-Katri Sweden Homophily in social networks and alcohol use: The role of peer similarity, relationships, and ethnic background for co-existing drinking habits among young adults
Härkönen Janne Finland Age at first drink: elaborating its association with adult heavy drinking
Hawkins Benjamin United Kingdom ‘Every Stage of the Policy Process’: Alcohol Industry Strategy on Minimum Alcohol Pricing in Scotland since 2011.
Hellman Matilda Finland Geographical, cultural and epistemic heterogeneity in addiction publishing
Henney Maddy United Kingdom Understanding regional variation in the impact of alcohol policy
Henriques-Cadby Ines United Kingdom Can Machine Learning help us understand how choice of outlet location and type varies according to drinkers and drinking occasions?
Hojni Markus Austria -
Holmes John United Kingdom Effects on alcohol consumption of announcing revised UK low risk drinking guidelines: Findings from a monthly cross-sectional survey
Hope Ann Ireland Casting a shadow: harm from known drinkers
Huckle Taisia New Zealand Night-time alcohol purchasing behaviour in relation to the implementation of national trading hour restrictions in New Zealand: findings from the International Alcohol Control (IAC) Study
Hughes Jane United Kingdom Perspectives of people in treatment for alcohol dependence on Minimum Unit Pricing (MUP) for alcohol in Scotland: A qualitative study.
Hughes Tonda United States Advances in Research on Alcohol and other Drug (AOD) Use with Sexual Minority Women: A Scoping Review
Im Pek Kei United Kingdom Alcohol drinking and risk of liver diseases: findings from the China Kadoorie Biobank
Islam Samarul India An individual and contextual analysis of alcohol consumption in India
JeKarl Jung Korea, Republic of -
Jones Amanda New Zealand Choosing interventions to reduce alcohol-related harm: a protocol for a modelling study
Kadiri Habib United Kingdom -
Karlsson Nina Finland -
Kersbergen Inge United Kingdom Alcohol packaging size and its association with alcohol consumption among UK drinkers
Kettunen Tom Finland -
Kim Kwang Kee Korea, Republic of Social determinants of alcohol’s harm to others in Korea
Kittirattanapaiboon Phunnapa Thailand Closing the alcohol treatment gap: Lessons learnt from the development of the integrated alcohol intervention program in Thailand
Klingemann Harald Switzerland The missing links: life-logging and design features of alcohol-related smartphone applications An extended update and evaluation from an interdisciplinary communication design perspective
Kotelnikova Zoya Russian Federation Alcohol Drinking and Medical Control during Pregnancy in Russia
Kraus Ludwig Germany Has drinking preference in Sweden between 2001 and 2016 changed? An age-period and cohort approach
Kristjanson Arlinda United States -
Kuntsche Emmanuel Australia Development of a Deep Learning Computer Algorithm to Identify Beer, Wine and Champagne from Pictures
Kuusisto Katja Finland -
Kvia Aasa Norway -
Kypri Kypros Australia Tobacco, alcohol, and gambling industry funding of Australian and UK university research: Findings from a survey and Freedom of Information requests
Labhart Florian Switzerland Take a picture of your drink and I'll tell you how many alcohol units it contains
Landberg Jonas Sweden How is the risk for sickness absence distributed across different levels and patterns of drinking?
Larsen Helle Netherlands The Effect of Online Peer Influence on Implicit Drinker Identity: an Experimental Study
Laslett Anne-Marie Australia Financial problems associated with others’ drinking across the globe: unequal effects on women and children?
Lee Juliet United States Invisible Hands: Off-Sales Alcohol Retailers between Supply and Demand
Leggat Geoffrey Australia The development of drinking trajectories among Australian young-adults
Lemmens Paul Netherlands Evaluation of the implementation and enforcement of revised legal drinking age limits in the Netherlands.
Lesch Matthew United Kingdom Reconceptualising Alcohol Policy: A View From Political Science
Lightowlers Carly United Kingdom Contextual culpability: How alcohol intoxication and its social context impacts sentencing for violent offences.
Livingston Michael Australia Examining the local-level relationship between alcohol outlets and family violence – an update
Londani Mukhethwa South Africa On- and off-licensed premises drinking behaviour among adults in the city of Tshwane: An analysis of data from the International Alcohol Control study (South Africa)
Lund Ingeborg Norway Does socioeconomic status modify the association between alcohol use and smoking and general sickness absence? A cross-sectional analysis of Norwegian employees, 2015-2018.
Maani Hessari Nason United Kingdom How can public health stakeholders influence local alcohol availability? A systematic analysis of approaches
Mahedy Liam United Kingdom Patterns of binge drinking from mid-adolescence to young adulthood and later cognition and emotional processing: improving causal inference
Maingi Lydiah Kenya -
Mäkelä Pia Finland Comparison of the extent and nature of alcohol problems using data from surveys vs. health care registers
Manthey Jakob Germany The effects of an extended alcohol withdrawal treatment programme on morbidity and mortality among inpatients in the German city of Bremen: A simulation study
Martino Florentine Australia Investigating an alternative alcohol marketing regulation framework for Australia using expert interviews
McCambridge Jim United Kingdom Reworking brief interventions when industry dominates thinking about drinking: fool's errand or necessary step forward?
Meier Petra United Kingdom -
Merrill Jennifer United States The Influence of Rate versus Level of Alcohol Consumption on Alcohol-related Consequences Assessed in Daily Life
Miller Mia Australia Exploring the characteristics of middle-aged risky drinking women in Australia
Miller Peter Australia Two-year results on police-related data of the implementation of statewide liquor licensing restrictions and mandatory ID scanners in Queensland, Australia
Mitchell Gemma United Kingdom Showing ‘the J curve in all its glory’: exploring alcohol industry influence on the Moderate Alcohol and Cardiovascular Health (MACH) trial
Moan Inger Synnøve Norway Social inequalities in alcohol-related presenteeism
Mohr Cynthia United States The influences of daily drinking and relationship functioning: Evidence from the Daily Family Study of U.S. military veterans and spouses.
Mojica-Perez Yvette Australia Changes in youth drinking behaviours after the implementation of the alcopops tax
Mooney John United Kingdom -
Morojele Neo South Africa Validity of the AUDIT-C and other abbreviated versions of the full AUDIT for use among bar patrons in South Africa
Moskalewicz Jacek Poland -
Mugavin Janette Australia What does a low-risk drinking occasion entail, and how do low-risk drinkers contain their consumption?
Mujcic Ajla Netherlands The Effectiveness of Remote-delivered Interventions for Smoking Cessation and Alcohol Moderation Among Cancer Survivors: a Meta-Analysis
Mvungu Eunice Kenya Optimistic Bias in Relation to Alcohol and Substance Abuse Behaviour among the Kenyan Youth
Myers Bronwyn South Africa Predictors of retention in and completion of a brief alcohol reduction intervention for patients receiving chronic disease care in South Africa.
Namugamba Alice Uganda Prevalence of Khat Consumption and Its Associated Factors among Commercial Motorcyclists in Kampala Central Division, Uganda.
Namukasa Juliet Uganda Empowering local community structures- an effective approach in fighting alcohol harm
Neufeld Maria Germany Trends in alcohol consumption and alcohol-related morbidity and mortality in Russia between 2000 and 2017: successes and future potentials of alcohol control policy
Neves Rita United Kingdom Retirement and characteristics of drinking occasions.
Ngamnak Kanockon Thailand Alcohol availability and pattern of drinking behavior: Binge drinking, Regular drinking and Drink driving
Nkosi Sebenzile South Africa Crime, violence, and alcohol and other drug use among adolescent boys and young men in South Africa
O'Brien Paula Australia A New Method for Analysing the Legitimacy of Industry Self-regulation of Alcohol: Alcohol and Pregnancy Warning Labels in Australia
Okulicz-Kozaryn Katarzyna Poland Parental attitudes towards underage alcohol use and their perception by adolescent children
Oldham Melissa United Kingdom Trends in the demographic composition of young people who still drink, smoke and take drugs in England.
Orpana Heather Canada Alcohol, other drugs, and violent deaths in Canada: Opportunities to inform action through enhanced surveillance
Pape Hilde Norway Alcohol problems in prisoners: Subgroup variations, concurrent drug problems and co-use of other substances
paradis catherine Canada Strong alcopops and alcohol-related medical emergencies among youth: the impact of the Quebec government's alcopops legislation.
Parker Robert Nash United States -
peeters margot Netherlands -
Peña Sebastián Finland Joint effects of alcohol use, smoking and body mass index as an explanation for the alcohol harm paradox: causal mediation analysis of eight cohort studies
Pinsky Ilana United States Alcohol use among women in primary care settings in Mozambique
Pisarska Agnieszka Poland More risks than protection among high risk youth in Poland. Factors associated with alcohol use.
Poelen Evelien Netherlands Prevalence of alcohol and drug use among adolescents and young adults with intellectual disabilities and behavioral problems
Pruitipinyo Chardsumon Thailand -
Puljevic Cheneal Australia The impact of the Queensland Government's Alcohol-Fuelled Violence Policy on live music performances in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, Australia.
Radaev Vadim Russian Federation Decline of alcohol consumption in Russia in 2006–2017: do birth cohorts matter?
Rahav Giora Israel Changes in the Gender Gap in Drinking: Findings from the HBSC
Raitasalo Kirsimarja Finland Early school leaving by children with parental alcohol problems: A comparative study of two Nordic countries
Raninen Jonas Sweden -
Ranta Johanna Finland Reducing harms through interactions: Workers orienting to unpredictable frames in a low-threshold project for people injecting drugs
Rautiainen Elina Finland Do the costs of AUD related health and social care services vary across patient profiles?
Redfern Joseph United Kingdom Urban Points of Interest and their Association with Violence
Reid Allecia United States Are college students' perceptions of social network drinking accurate?: Testing the validity of the Important People Interview
Reynolds Joanna United Kingdom Engaging the community in local alcohol decision-making: reflections from a scoping study in England
Roberts Sarah United States The presence and consequences of abortion aversion in scientific research related to alcohol use during pregnancy
Roman Mella Roman Chile How does area-level education relate to young people’s drinking patterns in Chile? Findings from a national population substance use survey
Romeo Jose New Zealand Modelling alcohol-consumption: A Bayesian conditional copula-based regression approach
Roodbeen Ruud Netherlands The right time and place: a new approach for prioritizing alcohol enforcement and prevention efforts
Room Robin Australia Supranational changes in drinking patterns: comparing explanatory models of substantial and parallel social change
Roscoe Suzie United Kingdom The impact of budget cuts to alcohol and drug services on treatment access and recovery in England.
Rossow Ingeborg Norway On a social gradient in morbidity, mortality and excess mortality in alcohol use disorder
Saengow Udomsak Thailand Reduction in alcohol consumption during temporary abstinence campaign: an analysis of 23-year monthly consumption data.
Sagvaag Hildegunn Norway Drinking culture and drinking situations in Norwegian Working Life
Salles Mariana Brazil -
Saltz Robert United States Using “dosage” in a randomized community prevention trial to reduce alcohol problems in California cities
Sasso Alessandro United Kingdom How representative are an internet survey and an on-street survey compared to government-backed surveys?
Savolainen Iina Finland The association between social media use and excessive alcohol consumption among youths: A four-country study
Schelleman-Offermans Karen Netherlands Social inequalities in alcohol use and health in a general Dutch population sample: The role of perceived stress, psychological capital and time perspective.
Schölin Lisa United Kingdom Exploring identity and social support in recovery through photovoice
Sebeelo Tebogo United States Beer Drinking, Resistance and the Politics of Alcohol Policy in Botswana.
Severi Katherine United Kingdom Policy actors’ perceptions of conflicts of interest and alcohol industry engagement in alcohol policy processes
Sherk Adam Canada The potential health impact of an alcohol minimum unit price in Québec: An application of the International Model of Alcohol Harms and Policies
Shorter Gillian United Kingdom The Outcome Reporting in Alcohol Brief Intervention Trials (ORBITAL) core outcome set: Global consensus on key outcomes in efficacy and effectiveness trials of alcohol brief interventions
Sirichotiratana Nithat Thailand The Impact of Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreeemtn (TPPA) on Alcohol Control
Siriphakhamongkhon Samran Thailand Causal factors of behavior for protection of drinking alcohol in the youth health region 3, Thailand
Sjödin Lars Sweden Reason Matters – Drinking Motives and Their Association to Heavy Episodic Drinking Among Swedish Youth.
Smith Lesley United Kingdom Implementation of the Chief Medical Officers drinking guidelines among midwives in the UK
Snowden Aleksandra United States Off-premise alcohol outlets as crime generators
Sohlberg Tove Sweden The symbolic action of regulating smoking? - the case of e-cigarettes in Sweden
Sonnenstuhl William United States Understanding College Students’ Willingness to Intervene: Bystander Intervention Training on One Campus
Srihiran Suthathip Thailand Pattern to changing norm ​​to fight alcohol marketing by process of participation with Local Government in Thailand (case study : Long Boat racing festival.)
Stanesby Oliver Australia Ranking the severity of alcohol’s harms to others: A key informant survey of national alcohol survey leaders to improve measurement, analysis, interpretation and understandings
Staton Catherine United States The Impact of Alcohol on the Acute Hospital Outcome of Traumatic Brain Injury Patients in a Low Income Setting
Stevely Abigail United Kingdom The who, what, where, when and why of adults' drinking occasions and their association with acute alcohol-related harm: A systematic review
Stockwell Tim Canada How many alcohol attributable deaths and hospital admissions could be prevented by applying comprehensive volumetric alcohol excise taxes? A Canadian modelling study
Storbjörk Jessica Sweden Tackling tensions between competing logics in marketized welfare services – the case of New Public Management in the Swedish addiction treatment system
Swensen Greg Australia History of the role of mental health services in Western Australia of managing problematic users of alcohol
Tamutienė Ilona Lithuania Results of Routine Workplace Alcohol Testing in Lithuania
Taylor Nicholas Australia How serious assaults in night-time entertainment precincts are influenced by the interaction between high-risk outlet density and trading hours.
Teichman Meir Israel Rave parties: electronic dance music (EDM), alcohol and drugs use, and personal-spiritual experiences
Thaikla Kanittha Thailand Alcohol Bootlegging in Thai Borderlands.
Thern Emelie Sweden Long-term effects of youth unemployment on alcohol-related health problems
Törrönen Jukka Sweden How do social media–related assemblages encourage or reduce drinking among young people? Online practices, alcohol consumption and gender
Tumwesigye Nazarius Mbona Uganda Alcohol abuse OPD cases in Uganda by region: A 2012-2017 A time series analysis
Tusiime Jayne Uganda Why Uganda is losing the battle against alcohol and drug abuse
UNY Isabelle United Kingdom -
Vaadal Kristine Norway Maturing out of binge-drinking
Vallance Kate Canada Towards reduced alcohol-related harm in Canada: Engaging policy stakeholders to translate research knowledge into practice
Van de Mheen Dike Netherlands Alcohol policy in the Netherlands: the National Prevention Agreement
van Egmond Kelly Australia Wearable Transdermal Alcohol Monitors: A Systematic Review of Detection Validity, TAC-to-BrAC Relationship and Factors Influencing both Detection and the TAC-to-BrAC Relationship.
Vichitkunakorn Polathep Thailand Trends in inequalities of alcohol-related harms among Thai households: 2007-2017
Vissoci Joao United States Alcohol-related risky behavior patterns and its association with alcohol use and perceived alcohol stigma in Moshi, Tanzania
Vogt Irmgard Germany Women, addiction and domestic violence: Are substance-dependent women more aggressive than non-dependents?
Vongsirisopak Sirikul Thailand Perception and attitude of Thai people on alcohol advertising
Wagner Vincent Canada The concept of time perspective and its relevance for harm reduction interventions for street youth using psychoactive substances: A narrative literature review
Weitzman Elissa United States Leveraging "Big Data" from Internet Search Activity and Social Media Posting to Detect Alcohol Use Risk -- Advancing Population Health Monitoring and Policy Evaluation
Wells Samantha Canada Men’s normative attitudes and beliefs regarding male-to-female alcohol-related sexual harassment and aggression (ASHA): Development of a theoretical model
Whitaker Victoria United Kingdom What do young people think is driving declines in youth drinking?
Wichaidit Wit Thailand "Household-Level Alcohol Consumption, Domestic Violence, and Effect Modification by Binge-Drinking and Household Role of Drinkers: Findings from the Thailand Cigarette Smoking and Drinking Behavior Survey 2017"
Wilkinson Claire Australia From “public need” to “public interest”: Comparative analysis of liquor licensing tests in Australian jurisdictions
Wilsnack Richard United States -
Wilsnack Sharon United States -
Wolfson Mark United States Is Policy in the Mind of the Beholder? True and False Awareness of Local Social Host Ordinances
Woodall Gill United States WayToServe Español: A Web-based Responsible Beverage Service Training for Spanish-Speaking Alcohol Servers
Wright Cassandra Australia Effectiveness of an ecological momentary intervention for reducing heavy drinking among young adults
Xuan Ziming United States Alcohol Consumption and Intimate Partner Violence in India: Exploring the Role of Alcohol Prohibition Policy
Ye Jinny United States Interventions to Reduce Alcohol Harm in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Zhao Jinhui Canada The effects of alcohol warning labels put on the containers of alcohol products on alcohol consumption: An interrupted time-series analysis on alcohol sales in Yukon, Canada
Zin-Sedek Marta Poland Patterns of alcohol use among elderly people - based on the results of the Standardized European Alcohol Survey (RARHA SEAS)
Zwirn Gregor Germany -

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