Altogether, the historical locations in the old city centre form the vibrant part of Utrecht. Many of the majestic city castles have been rebuilt into hotels and restaurants and the old storage areas along the wharf are now the place to be for cosy cafés, trendy retail concepts and restaurants offering the cuisine of the world. But if you look a bit further, you'll actually note that Utrecht is just full of special places. For example, you can drink the best coffee in the city in the modern Voorstraat, find all your exotic groceries in the multicultural Lombok and taste and feel the city's archaeological history at Castellum Hogewoerd.

Top 10 list of sights to see in Utrecht.

Historic attractions

Utrecht's cosy centre is like an open-air museum, and nearly every brick has a story to tell. The history of the city dates back to Roman times. But the Middle Ages also left their traces on the city. And you can see them everywhere. And the countless houses, churches, monuments - and the characteristic wharves, of course - commemorate that rich history. Utrecht is surrounded by impressive citadels, forts and castles, including Kasteel de Haar, the largest castle in the Netherlands. Take a tour to the forts and hear the exciting stories of the Nieuwe the Netherlandsse Waterlinie, or literally climb to the top of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug: the Pyramid of Austerlitz.

List of historic attractions.


There are a lot of many surprising treasures and museums in Utrecht. Within walking distance of Centraal Station and the Domplein, you'll find several prominent art museums, suited to both young and old. Gape at the revolving exhibits in the Centraal Museum and learn more about Christian art in the Catherijne Convent.

List of muesums.


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