The venue

The main meetings from 3-7 June will be held at the The Winkel van Sinkel, located in a unique, 19th century monumental building in the heart of Utrecht. Parallel sessions and coffee breaks will be held in Winkel van Sinkel in different break-out areas (subject to change due to the amount of participants). You will be notified of any location changes as soon as possible via this page.


The Winkel van Sinkel
Oudegracht 158
3511 AZ Utrecht


History and story behind the Winkel van Sinkel

The Winkel van Sinkel is located in a unique, monumental building on the charming Oudegracht in the heart of Utrecht.

In 1824 Anton Sinkel became the owner of 'Blijdestijn' at the Oudegracht in Utrecht, which he converted to a shop. Even larger plans did Sinkel have with the old St.Barbara and St.Laurens Gasthuis (commonly called 'Kranengasthuis' because of the city crane at the site) which was next to its store. In 1834, Sinkel bought the old guest house and the two houses that stood between this building and its shop. The guesthouse building extended to the Neude, where Sinkel had already bought two houses. He then closed the entire complex and instructed several architects to design a 'shopping palace’.

In the end, the construction of the design made by architect Pieter Adams (1778-1846) began in 1837. Most prominent in the neo-classicist style, four large women were dressed in Greek robes. These cavalid-serving cavities, supplied by boat from England, were made of cast iron; The centuries-old city crane succumbed to the enormous weight of one of the ladies and fell into the Oudegracht, taking the lady with it!

The city crane was put out of business and had to be removed, the images survived the accident and construction continued. After two years it was finished and in May 1839 The Winkel van Sinkel could be opened in Utrecht. In the same style, a coach house was built behind the factory shop, which would be used as a workshop and home (now: Vinkenburgstraat 19-21). The atmosphere in the store was classy and yet comfortable; Sinkel strived to make everyone feel at home. Anton Sinkel has been able to enjoy 9 years of his flourishing trade in Utrecht. He died in Amsterdam on January 22, 1848. The shop at the Oudegracht was maintained by the heirs until the end of the century.

In July 1898 the heirs sold the shop to the banker company Vlaer and Kol, which was taken over by the Amro bank in 1977. After the merger with the bank, the beautiful property was redundant and was left empty for a few years. In November 1995 a new restoration followed. Architects Agency ONB was ordered to restore the property in the old allure. Together with architect Koos de Haan, ONB used the banking building for a unique combination of culture and hospitality. The original name was restored: The Winkel van Sinkel. And like Anton Sinkel's time, there is a wide range of activities and possibilities.

On August 30, 1996, during the opening of the cultural season, the 'new' Winkel van Sinkel was officially opened by the mayor of Utrecht, Ivo Opstelten, at that time. In addition to the cultural facilities and grand café restaurant in the Grote Zaal, The Winkel van Sinkel  has several cafés and terraces, meeting rooms, a club and a tapas restaurant in the cellar. The Winkel van Sinkel enriches Utrecht with a special location for business and festive events. Meanwhile, The Winkel van Sinkel, as in the nineteenth century, became a household name  in the Netherlands.



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