Networking for Alcohol Research in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: Monday June 3rd: 12:30h-14:00h 

The International Confederation of Alcohol, Tobacco and other Drug (ATOD) Research Associations (ICARA) is an ‘umbrella’ organisation for groups of ATOD researchers. We provide guidance on governance of research associations/societies and support networking and capacity building. One of the objectives of ICARA is to promote the development of ATOD societies, especially in low- or middle-income countries and in countries with emerging ATOD problems. This workshop will be a chance for alcohol researchers from low- and middle-income countries, and other researchers who are involved in or interested in research in LMICs to come together to network and hear about the work of ICARA. The workshop will be an informal gathering, with an emphasis on making connections, and we will also share copies of ICARA’s new guidelines on management of relationships with organizations with vested interests. 

Membership of ICARA is for organizations or institutes, and more information can be obtained that meeting.

  • Target group: The workshop is open to all KBS 2019 participants
  • Number of expected participants: 2-25
  • There is no need to RSVP to attend this workshops
  • Facilitators: Matej Košir, Institute Utrip (Slovenia) (Vice President ICARA), prof. Thomas Babor, University of Connecticut (USA) (Past President ICARA), and Neo Morojele, South African Medical Research Council (Board Member ICARA)
  • Time: Monday June 3rd: 12:30h-14:00h
  • Location and room: Winkel of Sinkel; Tuinzaal
  • Contact person: Matej Košir:   

Publishing Addiction Science workshop: Tuesday June 4th: 12:30h-14:00h 

This workshop serves a concrete support and information session for all researchers who publish in journals in the addiction field. We will discuss: a) ethical and career hazards associated with publishing in rogue journals managed by Predatory Publishers; b) how to evaluate the quality of a journal and c) questions of heterogeneity in the addiction publication field in terms of language use/geography and epistemology (qualitative, inductive and other marginalized approaches). Written by an international group of experts, Publishing Addiction Science is a comprehensive publication guide geared toward addiction professionals and aspiring students. This open access book ( will be discussed with particular attention to the issue of how to choose a journal to publish your research.

  • Target group: The workshop is open to all KBS 2019 participants. Junior and non-anglophone world scholars are especially welcome
  • Number of expected participants: 5-35
  • There is a need to RSVP to attend this workshops (see contact person)
  • Time: Tuesday June 4th: 12:30h-14:00h
  • Location and room: Winkel of Sinkel; Quiosque
  • Contact person: Tom Ketunnen:    

The 2019 Combined GenACIS, IGSAHO and GENAHTO workshop: Speed-dating to discuss alcohol, gender, culture and harm to others. Tuesday June 4th: 16:00h-17:30h

This year the combined workshop will discuss progress and ideas about future projects in a speed-dating format. The aim of the workshop is to get to know each other and our gender/culture/HTO research better and to facilitate new research collaborations. The “couple”/station will be six minutes, so that each partner will have approximately three minutes to talk about themselves and their ideas for collaboration. The three areas we suggest couples discuss are:

  1. Name & current position
  2. My current (biggest or most exciting or most relevant) research project
  3. Dream collaboration/projects

 Following the speed-dating there will be time for feedback and discussion of key research ideas that emerge from the workshop. All welcome!

  • Target group: The workshop is open to all KBS members
  • Number of expected participants: Yet unknown
  • There is no need to RSVP to attend this workshops 
  • Time: Tuesday June 4th: 16:00h-17:30h
  • Location and room: Winkel of Sinkel; Directiezaal
  • Contact persons: Sharon Wilsnack:   or Anne-Marie Laslett: 

Tips and tricks for Early Career Researchers to achieve the greatest research impact: Thursday June 6th: 12:30h-14:00h

This is the second Early Career Researchers (ECRs) Continuing Professional Development session to be organised during a KBS meeting. The session will focus on increasing research impact. This is a crucial aspect for ECRs as research is more and more expected to demonstrates how it reaches and benefits society as a whole.

Two trainers will share their experience and have participants work in groups. The trainers will be:
- Dr. Katherine Severi, Chief Executive of the Institute of Alcohol Studies, UK.
- Professor Tom Babor, Professor of Community Medicine and Public Health, Dept. of Community Medicine, University of Connecticut School of Medicine, Farmington, CT, USA

  • Target group: all KBS members in their early career (No age or number of years in research restrictions apply. It is up to participants to decide whether they feel they can both benefit and contribute to this meeting).
  • Number of expected participants: 20
  • There is a need to RSVP to attend this pre-meeting: If you are interested in attending please RSVP to Giovanni Aresi
  • Facilitators: Giovanni Aresi and two trainers (dr. Katherine Severi & prof. Tom Babor)
  • Time: Thursday June 6th: 12:30h-14:00h
  • Location and rooms: Winkel of Sinkel; Cocktail
  • Contact person: Giovanni Aresi: giovanni.

During the workshops, food will be served to pre-registered participants (see RSVP).


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