Evaluation survey KBS 2019


Dear colleagues,

We would like to thank for joining the KBS 2019 Symposium in Utrecht, the Netherlands! I think we all had lively, enriching and fruitful contributions and discussions and – I hope – a good time too.

Evaluation survey

I would be grateful if you could complete a short evaluation survey (max. 10 minutes) which will help us to plan future conferences. The survey can be found at the link below and should take no more than 10 minutes to complete:   

Thank you for your help and I hope to see you all next year in Warsaw Poland!

Kind regards,

On behalf of the Organizing Committee,

dr. Carmen Voogt, Trimbos Institute




  • Your luggage can be stored in the Directiezaal (1st floor) at your own risk.
  • Please, don’t forget to return your key cord for the next organizers of KBS 2020 at the registration desk.
  • Thank you very much for attending KBS 2019!
  • Goede reis & tot ziens!





Stream (Location)



Gender difference / mental health, & stigma (Cocktail)

Presentation (4) by Eunice Mvungu added entitled “ Optimistic bias in relation to alcohol and substance abuse behavior among the Kenyan youth’’.


Socialeconomic inequalities & harm (Tapas: small)

Chair changed into: Camilla de Jong


Modeling & Deep learning (Balzaal)

Order of presentations changed into: P1: Emmanuel Kuntsche; P2:  Ines Bonacho dos Anjos Henriques-Cadby (Discussant: Elissa Weitzman); P3: Jose Romeo; P4: Alan Brennan (Discussant: Colin Angus)


Policy (Tuinzaal)

Chair changed into: Carmen Voogt


Intellectual disabilities (Cocktail)

Order of presentations changed into: P1: Evelien Poelen; P2:  Esmée Schijven (Discussant:  Elizabeth Aston); P3:  Lotte Gosens; P4: Daan Hulsmans (Discussant: Bronwyn Myers)






Stream (Location)



Sexual and social violence (Cocktail)

Presentation added by Niamh Fitzgerald: “Why are we failing to identify drinking in pregnancy? A systematic critical review of antenatal alcohol screening” (Discussant:  Carly Lightowlers)

Museum: Gather at 13.00h in front of WvS
Canoe: Gather at 13.00h in front of WvS (bus pick up: Achter de Dom 1)
Cheese: Gather at 13.00h in front of WvS (bus pick up: Achter de Dom 1)
Bicycle: Gather at 13.15h in front of WvS
Bar: Gather at 14.00h in front of WvS -> At own initiative but Kelly van Egmond will happily take you on her tour

KBS soccer match


TONIGHT: the traditional KBS soccer match.

The match takes place in Wilhelminapark, which is a 20min walk from the venue. Please take a red and/or white shirt.

Walk from Winkel van Sinkel at 17.00h , Kick-off around 17.30h!

Last minute changes - TUESDAY




Stream (Location)



Trade & Law (tuinzaal)

Presentation by Udomsak Saengow, title changed to “ Reduction in alcohol consumption during temporary abstinence campaign: an analysis of 23-year monthly consumption data”.


Cognitions & Emotions (Tapas: Small)

Presentation by Eunice Mvungu cancelled.



Morbidity & Mortality (Balzaal)

Chaired by Ninette van Hasselt.


Education, school, employment (Quiosque)

Presentation by Samson Agberotimi cancelled.


Street interventions (Tapas: Big)

Presentation by Kirsi Gunther cancelled.


Warning labels (Tuinzaal)

Presentation by Tim Stockwell/ Kate Vallance added: “Testing alcohol labels as a tool to communicate cancer risk to drinkers: a real-world quasi-experimental design”



KBS phone


Emergency? Questions? 



Last minute changes - MONDAY




Stream (Location)



Pregnancy (Balzaal)

Presentation by Niamh Fitzgerald canceled.


Academic performance/ aggression & Crime (Cocktail)

Discussant Kirsi Günter taken over by Cassandra Wright.


Nightlife/Home drinking (Tuinzaal)

Presentation by Janette Mugavin, title changed to “What does a low-risk drinking occasion entail, and how do low-risk drinkers contain their consumption?”


Social inequalities (Tapas)

Presentation by Ingeborg Rossow canceled.


Alcohol Research Grapevine


Share your research with the global alcohol research community all year round; join the Alcohol Research Grapevine today.


The Alcohol Research Grapevine is a free information hub for everyone with an interest in alcohol-related research. Registered users are updated on new research findings, as well what is going on ‘below the radar’ in terms of new and ongoing projects. It provides a quick and easy way to see what research is taking place, which topics need more research, and where opportunities for collaboration exist.


The Grapevine is an excellent way to boost your impact and dissemination. The hub is used by policy audiences, so it is a great way for all researchers to put their research in front of decision makers. Plus, data sets are published there, so it can help develop research proposals for future study.


Sign up for free here:

Social Media: #KBS2019


KBS 2019 goes to social media

Twitter: #KBS2019
Facebook: We made a group page for (unofficial) social events and sharing pics etc. To be found HERE (Subscriibe and we will accept you). Spread the word :)

Warm regards and SAFE TRAVELS!

Bella & Koen

KBS pub


Dear colleagues,

If you want to meet fellow researchers and other colleagues, the Quignon is a nice and central place. It's located about 100 meters from the venue, at the Oude Gracht.

To be found HERE.



Name badges


Dear participants of the KBS!

Please be informed that you need to wear your name badge to enter the conference and throughout the conference.

Although there are many familiar faces, it is still necessary for all organizers to know who is participating in the conference. We will give you an extra smile if you wear it :).

See you soon! Warm regards,
The organization committee

Join the tours!


We are pleased to announce that there are some places left for the Museum Tour and the Cheese Tour on Wednesday June, 5th. If you are interested, please contact Koen ( ASAP to ensure your spot. For more information, check Looking forward to a wonderful conference with you all!  

Warm regards,

On behalf of the Organizing Committee,

Koen Smit, Trimbos Institute


Start your day in a powerful way!


Koen Smit (from the organization committee) will provide power yoga classes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Focusing on a full body stretch and energetic poses, you will be mindfully prepared for a day of KBS presentations. Suitable for beginners and those with more yoga experience.

Place and time: Winkel van Sinkel, room: Directiezaal. Opens at 8:00h, class will be between 8:05h and 8:45h.

What to bring:  Please bring your own mat if able and any spares for others are much appreciated. If you do not have access to a mat we ask that your bring a large towel. Please do bring a shirt, and sport shorts or leggings. 

RSVP: Please send an e-mail to to indicate whether you want to partake in the classes and whether you are able to bring your (travel)mat.  

Winners Jellinek Award


The winners of the Jellinek Memorial Fund Award for outstanding contribution to the advancement of knowledge on alcohol/alcoholism are: Gerhard Gmel and Thomas Greenfieeld! The awards were given at KBS on Monday, June 3rd.

For more information about the Jellinek Award, see:

Kind regards,

On behalf of the Organizing Committee,

dr. Carmen Voogt, Trimbos Institute

Request to pay


Please note that *** the deadline for submission of the full papers and online registration and payment is May, 1st 2019.***

Kind regards,

On behalf of the Organizing Committee,

dr. Carmen Voogt, Trimbos Institute

Happy New Year!


On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the KBS 2019 Symposium, we wish you all a prosperous 2019!

We are looking forward to meeting you in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Kind regards,

On behalf of the Organizing Committee,

dr. Carmen Voogt, Trimbos Institute

Call for abstracts


Abstracts on alcohol use are welcome
Empirical research, theoretical papers and reviews of the literature on alcohol use are welcome. Social and epidemiological studies have to be interpreted in a broad context as they include research in a variety of disciplines, such as psychology, sociology, criminology, economics, history and other sciences. Papers on other forms of substance use such as tobacco and drugs are also accepted, particularly papers considering the way they relate to alcohol use. 

-> Submit Abstract <-

Kettil Bruun Society
The principal aims of the Kettil Bruun Society (KBS) are to investigate social, epidemiological and cross-cultural research on alcohol use, to promote the exchange of scientific knowledge and experiences among researchers from various disciplines, and to encourage international collaboration. 

Researchers are invited to submit their abstracts by February 1, 2019
The word limit for the abstract is 250 words (max 3 keywords), declaration of interest excluded.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Kind regards,

On behalf of the Organizing Committee,

dr. Carmen Voogt, Trimbos Institute

KBS 2019 website is open!


We are pleased to announce that is now alive! The website will be continuously updated with new information as we get closer to the 45th Annual Alcohol Epidemiology Symposium of the Kettil Bruun Society, that will be held in Utrecht, the Netherlands on 3-7 June 2019.

You can already check the program and the social program at a glance, and start planning your participation by looking into different travel options.

Follow the KBS 2019 website news to stay up to speed on recent developments!

Kind regards,

On behalf of the Organizing Committee,

dr. Carmen Voogt, Trimbos Institute


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