Pre-meetings: 1-2 June

Third Annual Meeting of Key Personnel of GENAHTO R01 Grant (Gender and Alcohol's Harm to Others)

The GENAHTO R01 Grant was funded by the U.S. National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism in March, 2016.  The key personnel of this grant meet every year preceding KBS is to discuss progress and plans for the coming year. Midyear meetings have also been held in Berlin (2016), Melbourne (2017), and San Diego, California (2018). The GENAHTO Project uses survey datasets from the GENACIS Project, from the WHO Thai Health Project, and from separately funded surveys of alcohol's harms to others (AHTO) to study (1) individual- and societal-level characteristics of persons who perpetrate harms and who experience harms from other people's drinking; (2) within-country regional variation in the prevalence, types, and correlates of AHTO; and (3) how the effectiveness of national alcohol policies is associated with regional variation in drinking cultures and other regional characteristics. Multiple principal investigators of the project are Kim Bloomfield, Tom Greenfield, and Sharon Wilsnack. 

  • Target group: Multiple principal investigators, co-investigators, and invited international consultants of the GENAHTO grant.
  • Number of expected participants: 20
  • There is a need to RSVP to attend this pre-meeting (see contact person)  
  • Facilitators: Kim Bloomfield, Tom Greenfield, and Sharon Wilsnack
  • Times: Saturday June 1st: 10:00h-17:30h (20 persons) and Sunday June 2nd: 9:00h-15:00h (20 persons)
  • Locations and room: Winkel van Sinkel, room Saturday June 1st: Directiezaal and Sunday June 2nd: Tuinzaal
  • Contact person: Sharon Wilsnack:

International Alcohol Control Study Policy Index meeting (and IAC study)

Using unique data from the IAC study this research will develop two new International Alcohol Control Policy Indices, one for youth and one for adults, comparable across high and middle income countries. This will, for the first time, include both policy input (legislation and regulations) and policy impact (measures of the environment impacted by the policies) for a range of key alcohol policies. The relationship between the International Alcohol Control Policy Indices and drinking patterns will be analysed to assess impact of policy in disparate high and middle income countries, among adults and young people. This study will provide new knowledge about the relationships between alcohol policy and alcohol consumption and by deriving quantifiable metrics provide a tool for communicating with public and policy makers. 

  • Target group: Project researchers and any countries interested in joining
  • Number of expected participants: 20
  • There is no need to RSVP to attend this pre-meeting
  • Facilitator: Sally Casswell
  • Time: Saturday June 1st: 9.30h-17:00h
  • Location and room: Winkel van Sinkel, room: Quiosque
  • Contact persons: Jan Sheeran:   and Taisia Huckle:

KBS Coordinating Committee meeting (Co-Com Meeting, closed)

  • Target group: committee members
  • Number of expected participants: 15
  • There is no need to RSVP to attend this pre-meeting
  • Facilitator: Sally Casswell
  • Time: Sunday June 2nd, 2019: 16:00h-19:00h
  • Location and room: Winkel van Sinkel; room Directiezaal
  • Contact persons: Sally Casswell:

Other pre-meetings

The rooms of the pre-meetings will be announced at a later date on this website.


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