Social Tours

The social tours will take place in the afternoon on Wednesday 5 June.

The exact content of the tours is subject to change, but here are some ideas we are working on.

A) Visit the DOM and the Speelklok Museum

Visit the famous Dom tower and going to the museum Speelklok, which will take you through the wonderful world of self-playing musical instruments.

Price: 30 EUR; max 50 people


B) Canooing + Pancake restaurant

A canoe tour through Utrecht’s nature (Amelisweerd) accompanied by a Dutch pancake.

Price: 30 EUR; max 25 people

C) Cheese farm

A perfect Dutch activity: making and/or tasting cheese at a cheese farm.

Price: 55 EUR; max 25 people


D) Bicycle tour

Bike tour in city and nature. Recommended to have sufficient experience with cycling.

Price: 40 EUR; max 30 people


E) Bar tour

Your own KBS terrace tour, you will be given several recommendations in the KBS booklet.

Price: Own expense; max 50 people




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